15 short haircut ideas for all ages in 2023 .

Trendy pixie haircuts for women over 50 tend to be shorter at the back and sides and longer at the top. A shortcut that works with almost any hair texture—there’s a lot to love about the pixie cut!

A pixie is a timeless look that doesn’t age and is easy to maintain. It is definitely sleek and can add a ton of volume to your hair. That is why it is one of the best choices for women over 50!

Paige Patrick, owner of Indiana’s Urban Society salon, gave me the inside scoop on pixie haircuts. “After reaching 50, hair starts to thin out and a small pixie makes hair appear fuller. A sassy short style also updates a mature woman’s style. Going shorter draws all the attention to your face, lifting you up and showing off your neck and body.

The most important parts of the pixie haircut are the back and around the ears. “If your hairstylist nails that perfect shape in the back, it takes 10 years to lose your look. Not to mention it’s a breeze to style,” Paige explained.

His best style cues? “My most recommended product for a pixie cut is a good paste like Evo’s Box o’ Bollox. This paste gives a perfectly malleable hold with very little shine. Pasting brings a shortcut to life and reveals more of the shape. Take 10 minutes each day to style your pixie cut. Follow it every 4 weeks to look more groomed and groomed.

If you’re transitioning from a long haircut to a pixie, ask your stylist if you can slowly trim each appointment down. “Exercising for a short duration will help you build your confidence over time. It also allows you to make good choices for yourself over time,” Paige advised.

Ready to join the pixie club? The latest trends are coming your way! Check out these trendy pixie haircuts for women over 50.

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