20 Beauties in Ice Maroon, Ice Maroon

The marron glacé color is a very chic and glamorous color that attracts many women including celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.

Any hairstyle can be paired with sorrel frosting, but it has to be admitted that it looks stunning on a classic square or deep square. On long hair, the chestnut icing color obviously gets the most out of it. So do yourself a favor and dare to accentuate all your femininity and your inner class with a chestnut icing color.

But sorrel frosting has a few peculiarities that don’t spread as easily as traditional colors. In short, marron glacé is quite complex, but a good colorist will be happy to guide and advise you on how to use this very noble colour. If you don’t know all the details, it’s best not to start with this color, as it will prevent, for example, orange highlights from your hair.

couleur marron glacé

couleur marron glacé

couleur marron glacé

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