+20 transformations that prove that long hair is not always the best

Transforming hair can make all the difference. Just imagine cutting off those long locks in favor of a pixie or fashionable bob – the change is striking! It takes a little confidence and courage.

To cut or not to cut

Ask anyone who is proud of their long mane of hair. They wouldn’t dream of cutting it off! Yet, the urge to get a makeover sometimes comes when you least expect it. Don’t have enough time to devote to your daily hairstyle, or maybe – just want a big change. If that’s the case, a hair makeover could be just what you need.

There are other reasons to consider a hair makeover as well. A short cut can accentuate bone structure by adding a few well-placed layers, it can look less severe than long hair of the same length, and it adds volume and body. Many women who have gone from long to short hair have reported a sense of newfound freedom. Not having to deal with heavy, tangled hair that often ends up in knots or split ends can be a relief!

Ideas for transforming long hair into short hair

If you’ve decided to switch from long to short hair, you’ll want to be armed with personal ideas when you visit the hairdresser. It helps to have photos; you’ll feel involved in the whole process instead of leaving your hair at the mercy of your hairdresser. (Of course, a cut like this should ideally be done by a professional; it’s not recommended to attempt a DIY at home.)

Le styliste tiendra compte de la structure de votre visage, ainsi que d’autres caractéristiques telles que votre nez, la ligne de votre mâchoire et vos pommettes. En fonction des traits que vous souhaitez mettre en valeur et de ceux sur lesquels vous voulez attirer moins l’attention, le styliste coupera vos cheveux selon vos préférences. Cela montre à quel point le passage des cheveux longs aux cheveux courts peut être efficace. Il ne se limite pas à modifier votre coiffure ; en fait, il améliore tout votre look et peut même rendre votre visage plus ouvert et plus vivant en mettant en valeur vos meilleurs traits.

What is your face type?
Diamond-shaped faces look great with short hair. Opt for a layered hairstyle that extends past the neck, or try angled bangs to soften wide cheekbones.
Triangular faces can benefit from a tapered style that draws attention away from the dominant jawline. Off-center sections are also recommended.
Heart-shaped faces look lovely with voluminous, layered cuts that wrap around the chin. Side parts and wavy bangs are also appropriate for this type of face.
Oval faces are easily adapted to any style. Layers help draw attention to your best features.
Round faces should avoid extremely short, cropped cuts. Opt for a little height at the crown (it’s slimming) and soft layers that frame the face on a chin-length cut.
Square faces are softened by graduated layers, choppy tips, soft curls and a voluminous crown.
Rectangular faces look fuller with a chin-length cut and bangs. Keep the sides full and avoid going below shoulder length (it makes the face look even longer).
Things to consider

Before you take the plunge, remember that a haircut is a commitment (even if it’s temporary). Ask yourself these questions before you settle into the salon chair:

Are you simply attached to long hair? If you’ve always had long hair and never imagined yourself with a short haircut, you may not be ready for such a major change. Some people just feel better with long hair.
Do you like the different options that long hair offers you? If you’re a fan of a sleek bun or a long, high ponytail, for example, you’ll have to accept that your new short hairstyle may not be compatible with those styles.
Will it work for you? Short hair can easily suit different face types, but some people just look better with long hair. A few tips from our experienced stylist will help you determine that.

Check out this gallery of hair transformations!

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