30 Adorable Short Hairstyles to Try Now: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Discover 30 stunning short hairstyles that will inspire your next haircut! From pixie cuts to bobs, these adorable styles prove that short hair can be versatile and chic. Try one now and embrace the mantra: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

1. Curly Pixie hairstyle for women

To get those playful, bouncy curls, you’ll need a short total length of 3 inches for your pixie haircut. You can opt for a diffuser when drying your hair.

Coiffures de lutin bouclés foncés pour les femmes

2. Dark pixie with front highlights and colored hairpins

There’s no better way to add an elegant accent to your leprechaun than by adding a couple of brightly colored hairpins. These will instantly draw attention to your wreath.

Dark Pixie avec des reflets avant et des épingles à cheveux colorées

3. Paint Pixie with a swept fringe

There are certain face shapes and hair textures that go well with a simple pixie haircut. You can opt for side bangs to uncover your forehead and create a perfect oval shape for your face. Voila!

Comb-over Dark Pixie avec une frange balayée

4. Dark and bulky pixie cut

This 80’s inspired hairstyle suits women with naturally wavy hair. Plus, it has the advantage of being really easy to style whenever you want to make it fashionable.

Coupe de lutin sombre et volumineuse

5. Cute Brunette Mule Short for women

The famous mullet is back in trend. This can be a gloriously cute option if you decide to wear your hair short. You can wear it both natural and straightened if you prefer a rock and roll look.

Coiffures courtes mignonnes brune foncée pour les femmes

6. Classic dark pixie cut with textured top

Go for a nice classic short haircut with thin feathered bangs. Flutter the top a bit for a natural look.

Coupe de lutin classique foncé

7. Dark pixie swept up with a faint fade

Although it looks very rough and sloppy, this hairstyle brings a fresh and cool vibe to your appearance. You can style it in any direction you want.

Pixie sombre balayé avec un faible fondu

8. Short razor cut shag with baby bangs

If you’re ready for a bold hairstyle that will be the perfect accessory for your rock-inspired looks, check out this entry. The slimmed down, short haircut with wispy tips and spiky baby bangs could be just what you need. For additional ideas suitable for a thin mane, check out 100+ best hair tips for thin hair!

Rasoir coupe courte coiffure sombre Shag avec bébé Bangs

9. Pixie mule dark blue untidy

Opting for this intense dark blue shade can really amp up the volume of your mane. Plus, you can add extra texture by requesting a mullet cut with scissors.

Coiffure courte Pixie bleu foncé désordonné

10. Pixie pink cotton haircut

Keep the roots dark and texture the crown area to create a pink and black cotton blend top, creating a nice contrast with the pale skin.

Coiffures de lutin courtes mignonnes en coton rose pour les femmes

11. Short pink hairstyle for straight hair

This elongated rounded fringe creates the impression of an oval face and creates a natural edge to the retro round glasses.

Coiffure rose courte courte coiffures mignonnes pour les cheveux courts

12. Shiny brown bob with colored highlights

This impressive color fusion brings together natural and brilliant shades to help create an incredible effect when you move your head.

Short Shiny Brown Bob With Pink Highlights coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

13. Asymmetrical two-tone bob

This asymmetrical bob features straight sides and fine fringe mixed with longer, messy fuchsia highlights. These details create a stunning chromatic contrast.

Bob bicolore asymétrique avec des coiffures mignonnes roses et noires pour les cheveux courts

14. peach pink bowl with textured top

Just in time for the summer season, this bowl cut with thick sides and short, straight bangs will be the perfect accessory to a feminine outfit.

Coupe au bol rose pêche avec dessus texturé coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

15. Short candy pink hairstyle for women

If you’re not sure about your short hairstyle, opt for a bold hair color. This bright pink will make your look incomparable.

Coiffure courte rose bonbon pour les femmes coiffures mignonnes pour les cheveux courts

16. Pink feathered haircut with baby bangs

This intense, dark pink shade pairs surprisingly well with cool-toned makeup. You can use just a little styling spray for a wavy texture at the top. Pink eyebrows are a super stylish detail.

Coiffure rose à plumes courtes avec Baby Bangs coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

17. short platinum blonde curly haircut

What’s not to love about this short platinum blonde hairstyle? The soft curls and subtle faux hawk design for extra volume are simply stunning. Once you get the cut you want, all you need is a curling iron to define the little waves.

Curly Golden Blonde Coiffures courtes mignonnes pour les femmes

18. Peacock blue curly pixie hairstyle

Shave the sides as close to the skin as possible and keep a 1 inch length at the top. This will allow you to create small curls that will amplify the volume of your crown and accentuate the beautiful blue tones of your hair color.

Peacock Blue Curly Pixie Hairstyle coiffures mignonnes pour les cheveux courts

19. Pixie hairstyle with curly top

This unisex haircut is suitable for women with straight, wavy hair who want an easy-to-style hairstyle. With or without the top curls, this pretty short pixie is perfect for hot summer days.

Coiffure courte Pixie mignonne avec haut bouclé

20. Curly Pixie multicolor hairstyle for black women

While you can get that super curly texture with a semi-permanent, it’s easier if your hair is naturally frizzy. You can talk to a professional hair colorist about the best color combinations to match your skin tone and eye color. Click on this link to see more amazing hairstyles for curly hair.

Coiffures courtes mignonnes de lutin bouclé multicolores

21. Elegant and wavy Pixie with side part

This sleek, short and stylish wavy pixie with a straight side part is the perfect option for a poolside look. You can use a little hair wax to tame any short strands around the hairline.

Short Sleek Wavy Bob With Side Part coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

22. soft cut of wavy elf with side part

An asymmetrical pixie with big waves is the best way to shape your short locks. This is a super cool look for dark locks.

Coupe de lutin brillant ondulé doux avec partie latérale

23. Wet and elegant pixie

Bring back the ’90s with this wet look that maximizes the shine in your locks. Use a small comb to create tiny coils for a feminine feel.

Wet Sleek Pixie Hairstyle coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

24. Short hairstyle with multicolored cheetah print

Shaved hairstyles can be very cute if you opt for prints. This creative color combination will make your look reflect your bold personality.

Coiffure courte mignonne fanée avec imprimé guépard multicolore

25. TWA Shaved Bright Blonde Ultra-Short

These cute hairstyles for short hair show that you can use your hair as an extension of your personality. The sky is the limit when it comes to modern hair designs.

Twa rasé ultra-court avec des couleurs blondes vives coiffures mignonnes pour les cheveux courts

26. Upward swept pixie with side swept strands

A professional sweep will look just as great on a short, messy pixie. You can style it up for a rebellious, youthful look.

Pixie balayé vers le haut avec des brins balayés latéralement

27. yellow pixie cut with textured top

This sunflower yellow is the brightest shade of blonde you can match with a shaved pixie cut. It will create an upbeat and bright mood for short locks. Hello Sunshine!

Coupe Pixie blonde jaune avec dessus texturé

28. Firey Orange Bob with blonde highlights

This voluminous short bob with a bright red color makes for a super bold and amazing haircut. Go for it if you love a bold look.

Firey Orange Bob Hairstyle With Blonde Highlights coiffures mignonnes pour cheveux courts

29. 80’s style blonde pixie hairstyle

Do you remember Cindy Lauper’s look in the hit song “Girls just wanna have fun”? This blonde pixie will definitely give you those 80’s vibes.

Style des années 80 Blonde Pixie Cute Short Hairstyle coiffures mignonnes pour les cheveux courts

30. Lavender Undercut

An extra long top section created endless styling possibilities with an undercut. You can opt for a lavender dye to bring more femininity to your pretty short hairstyle.

Lavande Undercut Coiffures courtes mignonnes pour les femmes

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