The blunt bangs on a square cut : Hit hairstyle of the season

Blunt bangs is one of the hottest hairstyle ads for spring 2023 especially when paired with a square cut, it will look great .

Discover the best models of blunt bangs on a square cut . See 15 trendy proposals.

What do blunt bangs look like?

Blunt bangs are simply bangs that have been cut straight, without shading or fraying. You could say it is cut like a ruler, but in addition to a straight line, it is also available in a semi-circular version.

The choice of its length has a very important impact on the appearance of the fringe and its suitability to the face. The safest length is slightly below the eyebrow line. To acquire a stronger character of the expression, some ladies decide to cut the line slightly above the eyebrows. However, there are also women whose blunt bangs are much longer than the eyebrow arches.

At the moment, relatively few women choose this option, because it is often a risky choice. Currently, it is very trendy to combine square haircuts with a straight and expressive blunt fringe.

Rounded bangs on a square haircut
In our gallery, you’ll find many examples of blunt bangs in the Spring 2023 trends. Here are some of them:

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